Blood Type O Diet

Blood Type O Diet – Of course, having an ideal body is the dream of many people, but not all of them can maintain a healthy weight properly. Not a few people do a lot of things to get to their ideal body weight. Strict diets, liposuction, and other procedures are frequently used to the point of causing adverse effects that can harm one’s health.

You can try the blood type O diet to see if a diet is appropriate for you. This is a diet that is done according to the type of blood. Then, what types of diet foods are healthy for people with blood type O? Let’s see the review below.

List of Food Types

For those of you who have type O blood and want to have a healthy diet, you have to pay attention to your nutritional intake from the start, namely consuming foods high in protein, especially from animal sources, low in milk, and low in fat.

It’s not too difficult, this type of diet food is easy to find because this diet method only focuses on a daily menu that is rich in nutrients without the need to do extreme things. To make it clearer, below are some foods that are recommended and not recommended for the blood type O diet:

1. Meat and Fish

Fish and meat are great foods for people with blood type O to eat. Consuming seafood and red meat can help to lose weight. The best sources of animal protein for the blood type O diet are, namely:

  • Mackerel
  • Herring
  • Veal
  • Sheep’s meat
  • Beef

People with blood type O can consume any meat or fish, except for these types:

  • Smoked pork
  • Ham
  • Catfish
  • Pork
  • Octopus
  • Caviar
  • Smoked Salmon

2. Nuts and Seeds

Fruits that are believed to have benefits for blood type O are bananas and mangoes. Then, some fruits to avoid are kiwi, coconut, strawberries, oranges, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, and regular melon.

3. Vegetables

Vegetables that are good for the blood type O diet are broccoli, beans, spinach, kale, leeks, and celery leaves. Meanwhile, vegetables that need to be avoided include corn, eggplant, potatoes, shiitake mushrooms, cauliflower, cabbage, and green mustard.

Risks of the Blood Type O Diet

Until now, no research has been found that proves that the blood type 0 diet is truly effective for weight loss. This one diet pattern is considered to have risks, especially if it is done without supervision from a doctor.

The risks that these dieters face include not meeting their nutritional needs and consuming certain substances. This is because various types of food need to be limited, and may not even be eaten while on this diet program.

Another risk that can occur is constipation. This is connected with the suggestion to consume foods with high protein content without compensating by consuming sufficient carbohydrates and fiber.

Correct and Healthy Diet Tips

You have to do a diet to lose weight in the right and healthy way, as follows:

1. Calculate Your Calorie Needs

Before making a food menu list, the right way to start a healthy diet is to know your daily calorie needs. Everyone has their own calorie needs based on many factors, such as health conditions and age.

2. Manage Food Portions

Not only do you need to manage your calorie intake, but you also need to manage your food portions. When on a diet, it doesn’t mean you have to avoid many types of food. Because, all types of food are still needed by the body, you only need to manage the portions correctly.

Ideally, you can divide your plate into four parts consisting of carbohydrates, side dishes, vegetables, and fruits. The point is that you have to adjust the portion of your meal to ensure balanced nutrition.

3. Make a Meal Schedule

Not a few people believe that skipping meals can help them lose weight quickly. This is not true. Skipping breakfast or eating makes your body more hungry and stressed and increases blood sugar.

If you want to reduce food portions, you can divide 3 large meals into 6 small meals a day. The key is to avoid foods high in calories and fat.

4. Eat Slowly

Eating slowly turns out to be a way of maintaining a healthy diet that many underestimate. This can make you feel full faster. Based on research at Harvard Medical School, researchers report that a full stomach is part of the cause of one’s satisfaction with eating after eating.

This satisfaction factor is triggered by brain activity. The brain processes various signals of satisfaction and satiety from hormones released during the digestive stage. That’s why eating too fast often feels uncomfortable.

5. Exercise Regularly

You must not only manage your diet but also eat a healthy diet, and exercise diligently. When your body uses energy to move actively, it can burn calories from the food you eat. Do sports three times a week for 30 minutes, according to your needs and capacity.

Now you know the types of blood type O diet foods that can be consumed and which should be avoided, and you also know how to have a proper and healthy diet. When you want to go on a diet, don’t forget to pay attention to your health.


Types of Healthy Blood Type O Diet Foods
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