Health Benefits of Starfruit

Health Benefits of Starfruit  – There are various benefits of starfruit which are good for health. Star fruit can be used for weight loss, and the nutritional content in star fruit can also reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Starfruit or Averrhoa Starfruit is a popular fruit in tropical climates. Star fruit has a sweet taste and a distinctive sour taste. Even star fruit in India, China, and Brazil is often used as an Ayurvedic treatment.

Facts About the Content of Star Fruit

Starfruit contains vitamin C and is rich in fiber. There is a content of 1 gram of protein, and 3 grams of fiber in one star fruit measuring 90 grams and can meet about 52% of the need for vitamin C in the body.

The calorie content in star fruit is known to be very low. There are about 30 calories and 5 grams of carbohydrates in one medium-sized star fruit.

Starfruit fruit also contains the minerals iron, manganese, potassium, magnesium, and β-carotene, as well as several vitamins, starting from B3 (niacin), vitamin A, B9 (folic acid), and vitamins. C (L-ascorbic acid) which is good for health.

Health Benefits

1. Control blood sugar levels

The high content of insoluble fiber in star fruit is considered capable of inhibiting glucose absorption so that it can reduce and prevent spikes in blood sugar levels. The benefits of star fruit are of course very helpful for diabetics to control their blood sugar levels.

2. Lose weight

Eating star fruit is mentioned in a study that can help you lose weight. Besides being low in calories and having a high fiber content, it makes you not hungry quickly.

3. Relieves stomach ulcers

Starfruit is often used to relieve stomach ulcers or stomach disorders in traditional medicine. Star fruit and its leaf extract are known to have anti-ulcer properties because they contain terpenoids, flavonoids, and mucilage which can strengthen the inner lining of the stomach and intestines, thereby reducing the risk of stomach damage due to gastritis.

4. Strengthen the immune system

Star fruit contains anti-oxidants which are very good for fighting free radicals in the body. Not only that, the presence of antioxidants such as zinc and manganese can also strengthen the immune system and help remove toxins from the body.

5. Reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease

A study when star fruit is consumed in sufficient portions can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. Because the content of vitamin B9 (folic acid) in star fruit is useful for lowering homocysteine levels.

The nutritional content and benefits of starfruit are very good for health. However, star fruit is not recommended for consumption by people with impaired kidney function, especially chronic kidney failure.

Due to the content of oxalic acid in star fruit. If not filtered by the kidneys and excreted in the urine, these substances can accumulate in the body and cause health problems.

Side Effects of Starfruit

Side Effects of Starfruit - Health Benefits of Starfruit

1. Toxicity (poison)

As we mentioned earlier, people with kidney disease should not eat star fruit, as it can cause a variety of negative effects, including nausea, confusion, headaches, and seizures.

In some cases, it can even lead to death, which is why if you are not sure whether you should eat starfruit, consult your doctor.

2. Allergy

Although starfruit allergy is rare, some people should stay away from it. So if after eating starfruit you experience unpleasant effects, such as nausea, diarrhea, or even vomiting.

And if you’ve never tried it before, it’s best to start with a small piece and see how it goes.

3. Drug interactions

So you should consult your doctor before trying starfruit, as it can negate the effects of your medication.

4. Kidney stones

Due to the high concentration of oxalic acid in star fruit, it is not recommended to consume it in excessive amounts, especially if you have kidney problems. If you eat too much, you run the risk of developing kidney stones.

Benefits of Starfruit for Health (High Blood Pressure)

Starfruit is a fruit that contains many nutrients, such as fiber, protein, vitamins C and B 5, folate, potassium, and magnesium. Thanks to these ingredients, star fruit has the potential to reduce high blood pressure.

Specifically, here are some of the benefits of starfruit for hypertension:

1. Lowers Blood Pressure

Starfruit has the potential to lower blood pressure thanks to the content of potassium and pectin in it.

Potassium itself functions to regulate the contraction and relaxation of the heart muscle, so that blood vessels dilate, smooth blood flow, and normal blood pressure.

2. Healthy Heart

Consumption of star fruit also has the potential to improve heart health. This is thanks to the antioxidant content in the star-shaped and yellowish fruit.

Antioxidants in star fruit can reduce the damage caused by oxidative stress. Thus, heart health can be better maintained, especially if the consumption of this fruit is combined with the adoption of a healthy lifestyle and diet.

Tips for Eating Starfruit for Hypertension

Starfruit can be consumed directly after being washed clean. You can also process this fruit into juice, without adding sugar or other ingredients that might destroy its benefits.

That’s not enough, other important things need to be considered so that blood pressure can stay in the ideal range.

The following are things to watch out for :

1. Apply a Healthy Lifestyle

Consumption of star fruit alone is still not enough as a therapy for high blood pressure. It takes a combination with a healthy lifestyle so that blood pressure and heart health are maintained optimally.

In other words, the consumption of star fruit still needs to be combined with the adoption of a healthy lifestyle and a diet low in salt and saturated fat.

You also need to exercise regularly and achieve an ideal body weight. Also, get enough rest time by sleeping at least 8 hours every night. You also have to manage stress well, so that blood pressure can remain stable.

2. Avoid Excessive Starfruit Consumption

Until now, it is not known exactly how much star fruit should be consumed so that blood pressure in people with hypertension remains within the normal range.

Therefore, make sure to limit the portion of starfruit consumed daily so as not to overdo it. Consuming star fruit with too many portions can increase the risk of kidney stones.

If you have high blood pressure, don’t hesitate to consult a doctor. Blood pressure that tends to be high and uncontrolled requires certain treatment so as not to cause complications that can threaten safety.

Starfruit has the potential to reduce high blood pressure in people with hypertension. However, this fruit is not an effective natural remedy for lowering blood pressure without being combined with a healthy lifestyle and diet, as well as therapy from a doctor.


Ingredients and Health Benefits of Starfruit
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