Healthy Vegetable List

Healthy Vegetable List – Eating vegetables is an obligation because they are very healthy. Naturally, you know the types of vegetables that can be found in the market. Then, all you have to do is find the right way to process the vegetables.

Eating vegetables is the first step to starting a healthy life. Many benefits can be obtained from vegetables. In addition to making the body healthier, vegetables can also maintain an ideal body weight, so they are now widely consumed and popularly purchased for a healthier lifestyle.
Types of Vegetables for Selling Fresh Products

So you don’t forget, you need to write down several types of vegetables, especially vegetables that are often used for daily cooking. The following is a row of vegetables that you most often find in places selling fresh produce.

1. Spinach

Healthy Vegetable List The first that is familiar to society is spinach. This vegetable is described as a food that can strengthen the body. In addition, spinach also has ingredients that can nourish the organs in the body. Processing spinach is fairly easy, you can boil it or mix it into pasta.

2. Broccoli

Healthy Vegetable List The second vegetable is Broccoli is a type of vegetable that is very worldwide. This vegetable is widely used by chefs to beautify food because of its unique shape, like a small tree. In addition, the taste of broccoli is also very crunchy and tasty. You can make broccoli a healthy food menu for the whole family.

3. Cassava leaves

Those of you who like to eat at Padang restaurants are familiar with this one vegetable. Cassava leaves have a bitter taste, so they are often prepared with savory and spicy seasonings. On the other hand, cassava leaves have quite high iron. So, you can always be fresh after consuming it.

4. Kale

Kangkung is also one of the vegetables that are quite popular with the community. Vegetable kangkung is used for gado-gado and pecel menus. That said, this type of vegetable can increase hormones that help the body relax more.

5. Long beans

The processed long bean menu is quite often prepared in the home kitchen. The taste of long beans is slightly sweet and the texture is very crunchy. It’s better not to process it for too long to maintain its crispness. Long beans can be prepared by sautéing, roasting, boiling, and steaming.

6. Bean sprouts

This type of vegetable is also quite popular on many food menus. You can sauté or boil bean sprouts for a tasty, healthy meal. Bean sprouts can also be found on the ketoprak, soup, meatball, and rawon menus.

7. Green onions

Leeks are used to enhance the taste and aroma of food. You can feel a different sensation when chewing green onions. This vegetable is elongated and usually needs to be cut into thin strips when you want to use it. Usually, leeks are added to the soup menu to make the aroma appetizing.

8. Mustard greens

This type of green vegetable has a fairly bitter taste. However, its use is very much needed in some dishes. The bitter taste of mustard greens can neutralize the excessive savory taste in food. It’s no wonder that mustard greens are used in taverns for instant noodles or meatballs.

9. Celery

Perhaps celery only serves as an additive in food. Its use is only sprinkled after the food is ready to eat. However, this celery leaf has quite a lot of benefits for the body. The benefits can help maintain blood pressure and prevent the growth of cancer cells in the body.

Healthy Vegetable List that Must Be Consumed

10. Chickpeas

Beans are a type of vegetable that has high fiber. In addition, this vegetable also contains quite a lot of vitamins. Consuming chickpeas regularly can also reduce the risk of heart disease, you know. You can process green beans more easily because the taste of this vegetable is already very tasty.

11. Lettuce

You can eat lettuce without processing it first. Simply wash it thoroughly with cold water to get the freshness of this vegetable. Lettuce can be served with a mixture of chicken and beef. You can dip it in various types of chili sauce to get a delicious taste.

12. Katuk leaves

Katuk leaves may be more popular among mothers who are breastfeeding. The reason is, this vegetable is believed to be able to launch mother’s milk (ASI) for babies. In addition, katuk turned out to have many other benefits for health. This vegetable can help reduce levels of bad cholesterol in the body.

13. Basil

Basil is one type of vegetable that is a favorite for fresh vegetables on the menu. This leaf has a unique taste sensation on the tongue. You can also make basil leaves to add to the aroma of cooking. Not only that but basil leaves can also be used to wash hands and get rid of the fishy smell after eating.

14. Papaya leaves

Not only the fruit, but papaya leaves are also a food that is quite popular with the public. This vegetable is usually stir-fried with anchovies. You can enjoy it with warm rice and fried chili paste.

15. Cauliflower

This vegetable is similar to broccoli. If broccoli is green, cauliflower has white in the flowers. You can process this vegetable by boiling it and mixing it into the soup. There’s nothing wrong with trying the fried cauliflower recipe for a snack menu when you’re relaxed.

16. Pakchoi

Pakcoi vegetables are most often found in Chinese food dishes. Pakcoi can be sautéed with garlic to make it a healthy meal every day. The stalks of this vegetable are very crunchy and do not wilt easily even when cooked.

17. Kenikir

Not many people know about kenikir leaves. However, this leaf is almost always present in the fresh vegetable menu. Many opinions say that this vegetable has a fairly rich content for the health of the body. It is not surprising that marigolds are also included in the types of medicinal plants.

18. Pare

Pare is one type of fruit vegetable that is very healthy. The content in it can help lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels. However, the taste of pare is very bitter and maybe some people will not like the taste. You need to add fried chili sauce or peanut sauce to neutralize the taste.

19. Asparagus

Perhaps this is the most expensive vegetable among the types of vegetables mentioned above. However, you can get a lot of asparagus. In terms of taste, asparagus has a savory taste. The texture is also very crunchy. It has many benefits, ranging from maintaining healthy bones and helping the formation of cells.

20. Kale

The last Healthy Vegetable List is Kale. This is the healthiest vegetable in the world. The nutritional content is very rich and the benefits are quite diverse. Kale is usually used as a mixture of foods for diets. You can also mix kale with vegetables and fruits to make juice.

Healthy Vegetable List that Must Be Consumed