How to Slim Your Face

How to Slim Your Face: Having gaunt cheeks is the dream of all women on earth. With gaunt cheeks, women look more beautiful and charming. It even looks youthful when accompanied by a fresh and flushed face.

How to slim the cheeks is one of the things that many people want to do, especially for those who have chubby cheeks, aka chubby. Instead of being cute and adorable, some people may feel insecure about having chubby cheeks.

Now no need to worry. There are various ways to slim your face that you can easily do at home. Thus, the shape of a thin and sharp face can become a reality.

How to

Reduce chubby cheeks naturally—it’s not impossible to do alone at home. However, reducing chubby cheeks naturally requires a long process.

Therefore, you need to be consistent to get effective results. If you don’t do it consistently, then your dream of having slender cheeks will vanish.

Some ways to reduce chubby cheeks naturally are as follows,

1. Do Cardio

One way to reduce chubby cheeks naturally is to do cardio. In some cases, the accumulation of fat in the face is the result of excess fat found in other parts of the body.

Cardiovascular exercise (cardio) is one of the physical activities that can help you lose weight and burn fat, including fat in your face.

As reported by, cardio exercise is effective as a quick way to slim down your cheeks. You can do light or heavy cardio for about 150–300 minutes every week.

That is, you need to do cardio for 20-40 minutes per day as a way to slim your face. Cardiovascular exercise has three different intensities: light, medium, and high.

According to several studies, high-intensity cardio has proven to be more effective as a way to slim down your cheeks. High-intensity cardio can burn fat all over the body, including the face area.

You can do cardio exercises that are popular and easy to do, such as walking, running, cycling, and swimming. Even now, every weekend, car-free days are often held, a place for people to exercise and be free from vehicles.

2. Do Facial Exercises

Doing facial exercises can also be a way to reduce chubby cheeks naturally. This method is done to increase muscle strength in the face while preventing premature aging.

Indeed, there is not much evidence showing the efficacy of this activity as a way to slim down chubby cheeks. However, a study confirms that facial exercises done twice a day for eight consecutive weeks can help reduce fat thickness and rejuvenate the face.

There are also anecdotal reports that say facial exercises can make your face thinner. There are various kinds of facial exercises that you can do as a way to slim your cheeks, namely:

  • Puffing cheeks

How reduce chubby cheeks naturally is done by filling the mouth with air, then pushing the air from the cheeks.

Press the air into your right cheek, left cheek, upper lip, and chin with your fingers. If done continuously, it is believed to make the cheeks thinner.

  • Fish face

How you mimic chubby cheeks is done by sucking your cheeks into your mouth. This step is considered to make the skin loose.

  • Smile practice

You just smile as wide as possible with your lips closed for a few seconds as a way to reduce chubby cheeks naturally. If done frequently, it can make the skin loose.

3. Limit Alcohol Consumption

Limiting alcohol consumption is also a way to reduce chubby cheeks naturally. The reason is that excessive alcohol intake can cause dehydration.

This can cause the body to store more water. In some cases, the stored water can be retained in the body, even in the face, making the face look bloated and swollen.

This condition is also known as “water retention.” Alcohol consumption is also known to contribute to weight gain.

4. Drink More Water

Drinking more water can be a way to slim down chubby cheeks and make them thinner. Consuming lots of water can help keep you full and support weight loss.

In addition, drinking water can also prevent dehydration, reduce fluid buildup that causes chubby cheeks, and make facial skin look brighter.

A study found that water consumption triggers lipolysis or the process of breaking down fat into energy.

5. Get Enough Sleep

Did you know that improving sleep patterns is one way to slim down chubby cheeks? Getting enough sleep and rest is one of the most important things you can do to slim down your cheeks and lose fat.

Because lack of sleep can increase levels of the hormone cortisol in the body, This hormone causes stress.

Several studies have shown that high cortisol levels can increase appetite. So don’t be surprised if people who are under stress tend to eat more.

6. Improve Diet

To reduce chubby cheeks, you also need to improve your diet. If you still often eat processed foods or refined carbohydrates, you should not dream of having a slender face.

Processed foods tend to be high in calories, salt, and sugar. Reduce your intake of these foods to achieve a gaunt face.

7. Avoid Foods High in Salt

Avoiding foods high in salt is also a way to slim down other chubby cheeks. Consumption of foods high in salt or sodium can make the body experience water retention (the body fails to excrete excess fluids).

This condition can make several parts of the body swell, including the face. If you want to have a slender face, you should reduce sodium-containing foods in your diet.

At the very least, you can control the amount of salt in the food you eat. Don’t forget that it’s better to consume healthy foods such as vegetables and fruit that are processed cleanly.

8. Facial Massage

Facial massage may be done by some people as a way to slim down the cheeks more quickly. This natural way of slimming the cheeks can reduce excess water retention on the face by increasing blood circulation and reducing fluid buildup.

Pouring enough essential oil is one way to reduce chubby cheeks with a facial massage. Then, gently rub the oil on your face with your palms in a circular motion.

You can repeat it 20 times. Do it twice a week to get maximum results.

9. Chewing Gum

Chewing gum is said to reduce fat on the cheeks, so it is believed to be a way to slim down the face. Not only the cheeks, but this step is also allegedly able to help reduce fat in the chin and jaw area.

You can chew gum for at least 20 minutes three times a day, namely in the morning, afternoon, and evening. To avoid fat deposits on your cheeks, choose sugar-free gum.

10. Change the Haircut

Changing haircuts can make your cheeks appear gaunt. Indeed, this is not a natural way to have gaunt cheeks. But at least the way to slim the cheeks this time is instant enough for those of you who can’t do a long process.

How you reduce chubby cheeks can also change your haircut. The reason is that some forms of the face may look chubby or fat due to improper haircuts.

Therefore, it doesn’t hurt to look for or meet a professional hairstylist to find out which haircut suits your face shape.

11. Disguise with Makeup

Makeup techniques that are increasingly developing can be a way to slim down chubby cheeks. You can use various tools and make-up products to make the contours of your cheeks look thinner.

You can use contouring and highlighting techniques to make your face thinner, as well as accentuate your jawline and nose as a quick way to slim down your cheeks.

If done correctly, this facial makeup can be relied upon as a quick way to slim down chubby cheeks. Of course, this is also not a natural way to slim down your cheeks, once your makeup is removed, the shape of your face will return to its original state.

Now you understand, how to slim down your cheeks naturally or instantly. You can do it at home without having to go to a beauty salon or see a skin specialist.

If you can’t wait to do it the natural way, the instant way can also be tried. But the risk is, it only applies permanently, and you will return to having chubby cheeks as before.

So there’s nothing wrong with trying a natural or instant way to slim your face. In general, the best way to slim the face is to lose weight overall.

When you get the slender cheeks you want, don’t forget to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. This is done to prevent chubby cheeks from reappearing.

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