Watching the World Cup

Watching the World Cup – The World Cup is about to start. Body stamina must be maintained. While staying up late watching your favorite team’s match, consume low-calorie foods, that can still meet the nutrients your body needs.

Here’s a healthy snack that can be consumed

1. Vegetable nachos

Nacho Vegetables

Corn chips can also be combined with cream made from green vegetables. Still use cheese, but low fat. Yogurt and mayonnaise are also used low in calories. Mixed with spinach dough, per portion can save 84 calories and 10 grams of fat.

2. Chicken wings

Generally, the menu of chicken wings is not only fried in abundant oil. It is also covered in a sauce mixed with butter. Imagine how much cholesterol is in it. To make chicken wings healthier, use wheat or corn flour and fry them in a little oil. Use homemade chili sauce, which is low in fat and calories. Get rid of cheese and mayonnaise.

3. Tofu satay

It is inspired by the typical Indonesian food, satay. However, to be healthier, use tofu. Cut it into cubes, then skewer it and grill it. Serve with peanut sauce mixed with soy sauce and lime.

4. Salads

Vegetables and fruit are the healthiest snacks to watch the world cup. So that it doesn’t feel boring, process fruits and vegetables into salads. Just sprinkle with olive oil or low-fat mayonnaise.

5. Chocolate and almond cereal

Made from wheat, cereal is certainly more healthy. Especially when served with almonds.

6. Potato skin chips

The most nutritious part of the potato is the skin. Thinly slice the potatoes with the skin on, drizzle with olive oil and Parmesan cheese, then bake.

7. Lemon popcorn

With a salty taste from abundant salt, popcorn is high in calories. However, if you replace it with ground lemon pepper and parmesan cheese, it will be even healthier.

8. Crab muffins

Solid cupcakes flavored with chocolate or cheese, and topped with walnuts, are common. Try processing muffins with the basic ingredients of crab meat. Of course, use low-calorie tartar sauce.

9. Onion rings

Crispy and delicious, that’s what makes onion rings so popular. In order not to stretch your body and increase cholesterol, use a little oil and dip it in a low-fat mayonnaise sauce.

10. Nuts

nuts wathcing for world cup

Almost all types of nuts have the same goodness for the health of the body. We can find the benefits of peanuts because of their nutritional content in them, namely protein, vitamin E, unsaturated fatty acids, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, selenium, manganese, omega-3, and fiber.

Nuts that contain high fiber and minerals are good for friends to accompany you to watch the World Cup. The high protein content in nuts when processed properly will function in maintaining body fitness because of staying up late.

Several types of nuts are good for consumption, namely peanuts, almonds, and roasted red beans.

11. Bananas

Bananas are fruits in which there are lots of healthy nutrients such as potassium, potassium, iron, magnesium, fiber, and various other vitamins. This makes bananas included in the list of foods that are rich in health benefits for the body with high carbohydrate content.

At night when watching the World Cup, usually the stomach will feel hungry. Sometimes some people ignore it and prefer to drink coffee. Drinking coffee on an empty stomach can potentially increase stomach acid. Instead, eat bananas as a friend when you stay up late watching the World Cup.

12. Cereals

This type of food is usually consumed at breakfast. But when we stay up late we try to choose cereals that are rich in fiber, and low in sugar. Avoid consuming sugary cereals because they will be digested directly by the body which can limit your sleep hormone production.

Cereals are foods that are classified as low in fat, so they are quite safe if consumed at night or while watching the World Cup.

13. Yogurt

Is a food product in the form of processed milk made through a bacterial fermentation process. Yogurt can be made from soy extracts and various types of milk.

This food has a nutritional composition similar to milk and even contains several components such as calcium, B complex vitamins, and protein, which contain a relatively high content.

Consuming yogurt while watching the World Cup is better for health than consuming coffee. Yogurt food can provide a full effect for a long time, so it can increase concentration.

14. Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is the designation for processed food or drinks made from cocoa beans.

The chocolate itself can give a good mood to someone who consumes it. So, you can use chocolate as an alternative to coffee when you stay up late watching the World Cup. It would be nice if you have dark chocolate which is low in fat and sugar.

15. Green Tea

Has a lower caffeine content than coffee, besides that this drink also doesn’t cause bloating. Green tea can help the body stay awake but in moderation. Other benefits of Green Tea are also able to increase mental acuity and metabolism. This drink is perfect for those of you who spend the night watching the World Cup.


Watching the World Cup with Healthy food
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