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Dieting for three days to lose five kilograms is not impossible to do. The 3-day military diet, the newest natural diet method, claims to help you lose up to 5 kg in less than a week. Many Korean artists, including IU, use this diet to maintain their ideal body weight.

Among K-pop lovers, you may already be familiar with IU’s super-strict diet. Understandably, starting from the food menu that may be consumed, the effects on the body, to the results obtained, are fairly extreme. But the 3-day diet to lose 5 kg is still carried out by teenagers because of the fast process and significant weight loss.

So, how do you do a 3-day diet to lose 5 kg? Let’s see the full explanation below.

What is

Launch Healthcare (Basel), the military diet or military diet, is a low-carb, low-calorie diet that helps you lose weight quickly.

Proponents of this diet claim to lose 5–15 kg of body weight in 1 week. Also known as the “3-Day Diet,” this diet consists of three days of strict diet followed by four days off. The military diet, also known as the “three-day diet,” is divided into two phases a week.

The first phase is the first three days of the week, which require a strict diet with around 1100–1400 calories per day. The weekly cycle will continue to repeat until you reach your dream weight target. The military diet strongly encourages you to limit calories and control your portions.

This strict diet program also claims that a combination of certain types of food can increase metabolism and fat-burning rate. Theoretically, this weight loss is caused by a calorie deficit. When you limit the number of calories or carbohydrates, body fluids will automatically shrink because the body’s glycogen stores decrease.

The origins of the 3-Day Diet are not known for certain. Some sources claim that this diet program was initiated by a nutritionist who worked in the US military. However, the military diet is not related to the military or army institutions.

How Safe

The 3-day diet to lose 5 kg is still relatively safe if not done for a long time. If done in the long term, it is feared that it can cause malnutrition in the body and trigger other health problems.

In addition, a strict diet that is run continuously will not be effective in helping you lose weight. Precisely turns the weight into a “yo-yo,” which is easy to lower but quickly returns to its original position.

There are not many scientific studies that prove the success of the military diet. Even so, in the short term, the military diet does have the potential to help you lose weight because this military diet restricts calorie intake.

However, the military diet was unable to sustain the weight loss, because it was not rooted in changing eating habits. The weight loss during this diet is largely due to the loss of water from the body, not fat. You are also at risk of gaining weight again, after stopping the military diet.

To lose weight in a short period, the military diet can help. However, the 3-day diet to lose 5 kg is not the right method for sustainable weight loss.

How to do

Foods that may be consumed while on this diet are foods that are high in protein, and low in fat, carbohydrates, and calories. Even though it’s called the “military diet,” this diet method has nothing to do with the diet of soldiers.

After going on a diet for 3 days, you can rest and eat as usual for the next 4 days. It’s just that, during this rest period, you are still encouraged to eat healthy foods.

Examples of foods that can be consumed while on this diet include:

  • Egg
  • Bread
  • Broccoli
  • Apple
  • Tuna
  • Bean
  • Lean meat
  • Black coffee
  • Cheddar
  • Banana

Meanwhile, these are the types of intake that need to be avoided:

  • Alcohol
  • Adding milk or cream to coffee
  • Sugar

Menu Diet

This type of diet requires you to eat three times a day, without consuming snacks or snacks between meals.

The following is an example of a food menu that can be used as a benchmark for the first three days.

1. Day One

  • Breakfast
    ½ grapefruit, a slice of toast, 2 tbsp. peanut butter, and 1 cup of unsweetened coffee or green tea
  • Have lunch
    1 slice of toast, ½ cup canned tuna (which can be replaced with tofu or lean chicken), and 1 cup unsweetened coffee or green tea.
  • Dinner
    85 g lean meat (chicken, beef, salmon, tuna, turkey, etc.), 1 cup boiled beans, ½ ripe banana slices, 1 small apple, and 1 cup vanilla ice cream.

2. Second Day

  • Breakfast
    1 hard-boiled egg, a piece of toast, ½ slice of unripe banana.
  • Have lunch
    1 sheet of cheddar cheese, 1 boiled egg, and 5 pieces of biscuits.
  • Dinner
    2 grilled sausages, 1 cup boiled broccoli, ½ cup boiled carrots, ½ sliced unripe banana, ½ cup vanilla ice cream.

3. Third Day

  • Breakfast
    5 biscuits, half a sheet of cheddar cheese, and 1 small apple.
  • Have lunch
    1 boiled egg, 1 portion of toast.
  • Dinner
    1 cup canned or sautéed fresh tuna, ½ sliced unripe banana, 1 cup vanilla ice cream.

You are not allowed to eat snacks during the three days of the military diet.

Apart from paying attention to the type and calories of food, You also need to drink plenty of water, at least 3-4 liters per day. For the next 4 days, You can set your healthy eating patterns.

However, stay away from oily, high-calorie foods, and those that contain lots of salt and sugar. You still need to limit food intake so that it does not exceed 1200 kcal (for women) or 1500 kcal (for men) in a day.

This aims to maintain weight so as not to gain again. You can still drink coffee or tea as long as they don’t add sweetener, creamer, or milk (although stevia is allowed).

Side Effects

Although this diet can help you lose weight quickly, it also has negative risks.

Here are the bad effects of the military diet:

1. Lack of Dietary Fiber

This diet may not meet the recommended daily intake of fiber. Dietary fiber is important in reducing the risk of diabetes and coronary heart disease. In the short term, a lack of dietary fiber in a military diet can lead to constipation.

2. Nutritional Deficiency

This diet also causes insufficient nutritional intake. For example, non-starchy vegetables such as spinach, Brussels sprouts, and kale are recommended as part of a balanced diet. Consuming these foods is thought to reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer.

However, this type of vegetable is not recommended in the military. You who go on this diet can experience malnutrition.

3. Gallstones

You who lose weight fast, like a military diet are at risk of developing gallstones. Launching the StatPearls Journal, gallstones are a pebble-like material that usually consists of cholesterol that forms in the gallbladder.

If a large amount of weight is lost in a short period, the liver can release extra cholesterol into the bile and cause problems with emptying the gallbladder.

In serious cases, gallstones can cause abdominal pain secondary to bile duct obstruction. If left untreated, major complications can occur.

Easy and Fast! How to Diet for 3 Days to Lose 5 Kg (Military Diet)
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